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Soft Tops - an Olympus specialty
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Olympus have been working with soft tops for over fifty years. And soft tops have come a long way since the days when you carried towels on a trip to soak up the leaks, and when you had to take out the carpets when you got back. Today's soft tops are made to exacting standards, and require specialist skills both for repairs and replacement.

Whether you require repairs to a damaged top, or fitting of a new top, or whether you wish to purchase one of our range of second hand tops, Olympus has the expertise to ensure quality work to match original specification.

Olympus can supply and fit original soft tops for the following manufacturers: Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Saab and Suzuki.

If the original part is no longer available, Olympus can construct a reproduction to the manufacturer's specification. If you have an enquiry concerning availability, please use our form, and we will email or call you as to availability, and any alternatives.

Do you have special requirements to make living with your open top car more interesting or flexible? Some of the old traditions like half-tonneaus, or custom fit boots can add to your enjoyment whilst not taking away from the originality of your vehicle. Olympus can tailor make specialist fittings to meet your needs.

Soft top damaged? Olympus can repair to original specification. Deterioration and other damage to material or windows need not mean the expense of a replacement top. Bring your car to us, or send us an image and we will advise you on how best to deal with your problem.


Olympus' experience in ground-up restoration of classic, vintage and veteran cars owes to the expert craftsmanship evident in our work with soft tops, tonneau covers, boots and other specialist fittings for marques such as Alfa Romeo, Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

High quality work is a prerequisite for authenticity of restoration, and for those with an interest in the development of vehicles to concours standard. When nothing short of original specification will do, Olympus craftsmanship is your guarantee.

See our section on restoration services for more detailed information on the services Olympus provides to enthusiasts, car lovers, and those who just enjoy driving. Or browse through our gallery to see in detail some examples of Olympus' craftsmanship.

Reproduction of soft tops such as this requires skill, and an understanding of the approach taken by the original craftsman. Not only must the top fit as if it is a bespoke suit, it must also keep out rain, wind and dust. The slightest imperfection is the undoing of an authentic restoration, and the cause of many frustrations for those who enjoy wind in the hair motoring of the kind they choose!

Here, this Mercedes 230SL has been fitted with a custom red cloth top to accentuate the timeless style of this classic car.